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8 Simple Reasons Why You SHOULD Buy and Sell Your Home This Holiday Season!

'Tis the season for jam-packed schedules, bustling shoppers downtown AND an exciting time in real estate! The public seems to misinterpret that winter is not the ideal time to buy or sell when in reality there are many reasons why that is not the case! See our top 8 reasons why you shouldn’t let the chills of winter keep you away from the amazing opportunities this market has to offer! 

1. Pricing!

As most know, prices tend to fluctuate from season to season in the world of real estate. Currently, we are coming into a time of year where prices tend to be lower and negotiations are hot.  Sellers do not get discouraged! Homes are 9% MORE likely to sell, net higher above asking AND they are selling faster than any time of year*. Visit our team page to connect with a professional of your choice for expert advice concerning pricing in today’s market. 

2. On the brink of a new year, people are looking for a fresh, new start!

The new year will soon be upon us and with that comes resolutions, a fresh start and the inspiration you need to find your perfect #Dreamhome! January has a tendency to feel long and cold, so it’s a great time to give yourself something exciting to look forward to and embark upon your new beginning. Right now is a perfect time to start your search for that ‘just right’ feeling in your future humble abode!

3. Mortgage rates are on the rise making NOW a good time to act on finding your dream home

We know interest rates are on the incline.  These increases will immediately affect variable rates but will inevitably drive up fixed rates as well. With this information in mind, if you are currently looking to purchase, or will be in the near future, getting in now could be hugely beneficial. We can see that it is only getting more difficult for buyers to get approved so if you are looking to sell, don’t wait!

4. Easier to impress!

Yard maintenance is a huge component to making your home appear in tip-top shape. While there are many benefits to listing in the summer when lawns are luscious, the same goes in the winter for the complete opposite reasons!   While still maintaining curb appeal and a tidy entrance way, take full advantage of the winter weather and keep your outdoor work to a minimum-let your home sparkle!

5. Increased one-on-one time between clients and realtors

With a less busy season comes more time on Realtor’s hands! This could give you an advantage as a client because you would have increased time with the professional who can give you advice on comparables, viewing properties, and general education in the field. More time with your Realtor can only be a good thing, keeping you knowledgeable about everything the market has to offer!

6. Both buyers and sellers are serious!

As mentioned above, homes are being priced to sell and with the holiday season approaching the clients that remain interested in their searches are serious. Having your home for sale this time of year can be demanding, as well as finding the time to view homes, so regardless of what position you are in, you will be working with individuals who are motivated to make deals. “Many buyers are hoping to take advantage of the holiday slowdown to place an offer”, Live Urban Real Estate brokers Kelly Kozlowski and Susan Adams told Inman. “The buyers who go to listings during the holidays are usually extra committed”.

7. Competition is less!

With spring being a popular time in most minds for real estate, winter would typically be the time of year you would not have to deal with furious competition. This poses as beneficial for several reasons: it gives you more time to digest and process your decisions, less competition to be bid against, more time to book and schedule second showings and inspections and more time to discuss negotiations. Sellers have an advantage because there are fewer homes to be compared to and it helps in making their home stand out. Now is a great time to get ahead of the competition!

8. Play dress up with your home!

The holiday season is always a fun time to channel your inner decorator skills. If you have your home for sale, getting your home in the holiday spirit can give your house an extra special touch that potential buyers can’t ignore. This time of year gives you a chance to create an extra cozy feel and an inviting space with seasonal aromas and attractive decor. The holidays are a time where people love to be at home spending time with family and friends if you can paint the picture for buyers that gives them a glimpse into what the home would feel like during the holidays it could be just what you need for them to fall in love!

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*Data from the Barrie & District Association of REALTORS®, Mortgage Wellness & Inman 

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